Representative Office of Japan to Palestine

"Twinkle in the Wonderforest"

JO TAIRA - Japanese Puppet Artist in Palestine (Oct 19-20, 2011)


A "Puppet Tour by JO TAIRA" was organized by the JAPAN FOUNDATION and the Representative Office of Japan to Palestine. The tour included 9 shows and 3 workshops, all of which were performed by a Japanese Leading Puppeter, Mr. Jo Taira. Most performances took place in several theaters across the West Bank and Jerusalem (Al-Kasaba, Cinema Jenin, Yes Theater Hebron, An-Najah University and Al-Hakawati.) .

The Shows were attended by hundreds of families and kids from all walks of life filling all theaters seats. The play "Twinkle in the Wonderforest" was born in Palestine and had its first world premiere here. During the shows and workshops, the artist was able to connect with the audience in spite of the language differences. People were able to laugh, smile and learn from the message of love and understanding delivered by the play.

“The fairies couldn’t agree if the flower was pretty or ugly; their difference in value was causing frictions and turmoil in their emotions… But it was the Twinkle, the countless shining lights in the dark sky, who healed the fairies and restored them comfort…”

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