Japanese Government (MEXT) Scholarship Program 2021 Research Student (for Palestinian Citizens)


The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology (MEXT) of Japan offers scholarships to international students who wish to study in Graduate Courses at Japanese universities as Research Students (either non-degree or degree students) under the Japanese Government (MEXT) Scholarship Program for 2021.


Important Notices:

1.       In some circumstances such as travel restrictions or curfew due to Covid-19 situation, there are possibilities that the selection process will be cancelled or applicants will not be able to come to Japan even after being selected as scholarship students.


2.       As same as the above situation, grantees of this program will start the scholarship term ONLY from either September or October of 2021. There is no possibility to start scholarship term from April 2021.



I.                   Application Guideline


Please read carefully the Application Guidelines provided by MEXT.


The Representative Office of Japan to Palestine (RoJ) accepts applications only from Palestinian applicants (must have a Palestinian ID or Jerusalem ID) and any valid travel document (Palestinian passport or Jordanian Passport or Temporary Jordanian Passport) 



II.                 Schedule & Procedure


1.       Get your Application forms & other documents

RoJ will send you the application forms after confirming that you satisfy the qualification requirements. Please send the following information to study@rm.mofa.go.jp


(1) Full Name in English with "Ms." or "Mr."

(2) Nationality (Type of Passport & ID Card):

(3) Age:

(4) Name of University/ies You Graduated From:

(5) Degrees Received (Bachelor, Masters ...):

(6) Major of Study:

(7) E-mail Contact:

(8) Cell Phone:

(9) Place of Residence:

(10) How did you hear about us? :  


2.       Prepare and submit applications (Submitting to RoJ by August 13, 2020)

(1)    All required documents should be fully and correctly completed. Incomplete set of documents will be disqualified.

(2)    All documents submitted will not be returned.  Art portfolios may be returned upon request only within a year after submission.

(3)    Documents must be submitted in English ONLY. In case your last graduated / graduating school does not issue the document in English, you must submit an English translation in addition to the original document. Documents in Arabic or any other language without English translation will not be accepted.

(4)    The application documents should be submitted by hand to the Press & Culture Section, Representative Office of Japan to Palestine (RoJ).

DEADLINE: Thursday, August 13, 2020 (until 16:30)

Address of Representative Office of Japan to Palestine:

    Abraj House 8th Floor, 15 Tokyo Street, Al-Masyoun Quarter, Ramallah

    Opening hours: 9:00-17:00 (Sunday -Thursday)

    *An appointment is required in advance for submission of documents.  

(5)    For Gaza students, please follow instructions in the E-mail with Applications sent to you.

(6)    Please use paper clips and DO NOT use staples. الرجاء عدم تدبيس الأوراق واستخدام المشابك فقط )


3.       Written Examinations & Interview (the First Screening by RoJ)

(1)    The First Screening procedures will be handled by the 2021 Research Student Scholarship Candidates Selection Committee, organized by RoJ.

(2)    The result of documents screening will be announced to all applicants via email around August 27, 2020. Only who passes the documents screening will be invited to written examinations, and only who gets above minimum scores of the examinations will be invited to the interview.

(3)    Both written examinations and interview will be held at RoJ and Liasion Office in Gaza.

  Written Examinations (English exam and Japanese exam): Thursday, September 3, 2020

  Interview (in English): Thursday, September 10, 2020

  *These dates might slightly be changed. Final dates will be informed to the applicants.

*For your preparation for the test, the following past samples may be useful:


   **There are no options of gOn-line exams / On-line interviewh.

(4)    The result of the First screening will be announced via email to the applicants by (RoJ) in a few days after the interview.


4.       Provisional Acceptance from Japanese universities and the Second Screening by MEXT

(1)    The candidate(s) who pass the Embassy's first screening will start contacting Japanese universities of his/her choice from October to November 2020, and obtain "a letter of   provisional acceptance" from those universities (with a special form given by the Embassy). Upon receiving acceptance letters, you must submit them to RoJ. The candidates will also fill another document ("Placement Preference Application Form" which will be given only to final candidates) and submit them to RoJ (by end of December 2020).

(2)    MEXT will conduct the Second Screening based on the results of the Embassy's First Screening, and it will decide which candidates to be granted this program. Then, MEXT will coordinate the "University Placement" and enrolment for each grantee of the MEXT scholarship.


5.       Final result announcement

The final result of Second Screening by MEXT and the university placement will be announced to the granted candidates during June and August of 2021.


For more details, please read carefully the Application Guidelines provided by MEXT.




For any inquiry, please email to study@rm.mofa.go.jp and send us your cell phone as well.