Representative Office of Japan to Palestine

Japanese Government Research Student Scholarship
Program for 2018 - Palestinian Citizens

(Deadline of Submission of Applications: Sunday June 11,2017)

The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology (MEXT) offers scholarships to international students who wish to study in graduate courses at Japanese universities either as (Non-Degree) student or regular student for a degree under the Japanese Government (MEXT) Scholarship Program for 2018.

-- Scholarship grantees will receive monthly stipend, in addition to a round-trip air ticket (economy class) to Japan.

-- School tuition fees will be covered by the Government of Japan.

-- The applicant must be the holder of:

      i) Both Palestinian ID and Passport

      ii) Palestinian ID with Jordanian Passport, or

      iii) Jerusalem ID with Jordanian Passport

-- Those of other nationalities should contact the Japanese Embassy in their respective countries.

-- Examinations and Interviews for Selected Applicants are ONLY conducted in Ramallah and Gaza at the same time.

-- Knowledge of Japanese at this stage is NOT required. Excellent English is a MUST.

Application Procedure:


1. Please Read Thoroughly the Guidelines File
Check your basic eligibility. Applicants should apply for the field of study they majored in their universities or its related field. And, the fields of study must be subjects which applicants will be able to study and research in graduate courses at Japanese universities.
2. How to Receive Application forms from us? By E-mail only.

Application forms will be ONLY available by email at:

AND in your e-mail please answer the following items:
Full Name:
Nationality (Type of Passport & ID Card):
Age (born on or After 2nd of April 1983 can apply):
Gender (Male/Female):
Name of University/ies you graduated from:
Degrees Received (Bachelor, Masters,...):
Major of Study:
E-mail contact:
Cell Phone:
Place of Residence:
How Did You Hear About us ? :
(Newspaper, University Bulletin Board, Friends, Ministry of Higher Education, our Homepage, our Facebook Page, Others):

3. After receiving E-mail Package, prepare ONE Original set of applications and 2 copies afterwards.

(Note: USE Paper clips, DO NOT use staples, الرجاء عدم تدبيس الأوراق واستخدام المشابك فقط)

All required documents are to be fully and correctly completed and sorted out in 3 PACKAGES.


All attached documents submitted will not be returned (Art portfolios will be returned upon request)

Official documents must be submitted in ENGLISH ONLY. In case your school does not issue some document in English, you must submit with original document with a translation in English. 
Arabic-only Documents will NOT be accepted!

West Bank and Jerusalem applicants must submit their applications BY HAND to the Representative Office of Japan. For Gaza Applicants, kindly follow the instructions in the E-mail with applications sent to you.

4. Selection Procedures:

The First Selection will be handled by the 2018 Research Student Scholarship Selection Committee, organized by the Representative Office of Japan to Palestine.

If you pass the document screening in June 2017, you will be invited for the paper (Writing) examinations (Japanese/English) and an interview by the committee to be held on Thursday, July 18, 2017.

Note: Knowledge of Japanese Language at this stage is NOT REQUIRED.

The exact time schedule will be informed later only to applicants who pass the document screening.

The committee will select the final candidates that will be recommended to the Ministry of Education in Japan (MEXT).

The final candidates will need to obtain a pre-acceptance letter from a university in Japan
(July-August 2017), with a SPECIAL FORM given by our Office and submit it to the
Representative Office of Japan to Palestine in August/Septemeber 2017.

Please Note: Contacting Universities in Japan is ONLY Allowed to the Final Candidates.

The Second Selection will be handled by MEXT in Tokyo.

Please see the Selection Schedule carefully.

5. Examples of English Qualifying Exams:
Please follow this link and look after (Research) Criteria Next... 

6. Periods of Research Scholarship:

1) Up to 2 years from April 2018 (till March 2020)
2) Up to 1.5 years from October 2018 (till March 2020)
Note: The length of stay may vary depending on the courses taken in Japan and this scholarship might lead to Master and/or PhD degree.


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